It goes without saying that with the rise of ultra-processed foods, the general population is experiencing an influx of more altered questionable food sources, and fewer natural products. [6]

As the effects of these toxic foods catch up with us, many have begun the search for a natural way to detoxify.

Enter Spirulina.

Spirulina is a natural detoxifier, it helps rid the body of toxins and heavy metals that we are exposed to daily. As well, SpiruVive’s fresh raw Spirulina is virtually tasteless - making it a pleasant experience to add Spirulina into your daily routine. This micro-organism assists in the liver’s functions by ensuring that the contaminants people receive are flushed out of their system completely. In addition, the chlorophyll found in Spirulina quickens the detox process because it binds to the cells and cleanses.


Heavy Metals and Toxins

Everyday, humans are exposed to various contaminants present in our soil, air, and water. These harmful contaminants may include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. If these contaminants are absorbed in the body they pose an increased risk of serious illness like cancer. Phycocyanin is a major component in Spirulina and has been studied for its effect in defending and boosting liver function. A research paper conducted by the Journal of Biological Sciences found that SP (Spirulina Platensis) is a protective phyto antioxidant that helps reduce liver toxicity. [6]  In another study, Spirulina relieved the pathological damage induced by heavy metals and toxins. [3]  Spirulina has a high concentration of chlorophyll (the green pigment found in Spirulina), which also aids with detox. A recent study showed that chlorophyll reduced a known carcinogen (aflatoxin) by 95% within 24 hours. [7]  What's more, it was discovered that chlorophyll can limit the bioavailabiliy of the carcinogen. [7] 



People diagnosed with anemia showed an improvement in blood count and higher enzyme activity US National Library of Medicine [1]

Many people especially youth do not realize the implications and risk of anemia, a blood disease that is developed due to the lack of healthy red blood cells caused most often by a deficiency in iron, and essential vitamins. It is the most common blood disease in Canada and the United States; according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 3 million Americans are affected by it. Common symptoms from the disease can range from severe fatigue, pale skin, to shortness of breath [2]. In recent years, there has been an increase in clinical studies that determined Spirulina’s capability in treating patients with anemia. One study conducted by the Cellular Molecular Immunology Journal sampled 40 volunteers comprised of both sexes consuming Spirulina over a 12- week period. People diagnosed with anemia showed a significant improvement in blood count and higher enzyme activity [1].

In addition to treating anemia, the rich abundance of iron found in Spirulina counteracts iron deficient anemia [8]. Although, Spirulina has strong remedial benefits, we recommend being proactive and taking SpiruVive to prevent this disease in the first place. 



How To Detox

We recommend you start by taking 5 grams (half a portion cup) of SpiruVive the first day to see how your body reacts to Spirulina.  After that you can increase your intake to up to 30 grams per day. You can add it to your morning smoothie (please see our website for cleansing smoothie recipes).  As SpiruVive is a fresh frozen raw product, it can act as the perfect natural addition to any cleansing recipe.  Or if you are in a hurry, you can simply mix SpiruVive with half a cup of water and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Its a delicious and refreshing way to begin your day. 


The University of Maryland published an article highlighting the importance of buying blue-green algae from a trusted source [4]. Just as Spirulina absorbs toxins from your body and flushes them out, it can also absorb toxins from the environment in which it is grown. Traditionally, blue green algae are grown in large outdoor lakes and ponds where mycrocystin toxins may be present. As a health conscious consumer, you should be cautious and attentive to purchasing only from trusted growers.

SpriuVive is grown in our unique closed, controlled micro-climate system that guarantees the purity and quality of our Spirulina.  We have eliminated the need to irradiate or dry it under high heat to kill the mycroscystins - a process that deteriorates the potency of Spirulina.