Critical Thinker

Redefining the way we as human beings see things, is essential for progress. Asking ourselves questions like: "Where is this sourced from?" "Is the technology environmentally sustainable?"  "What quality standards does it comply with?" are beginning steps to becoming wise stewards of our own health and the health of our planet. This generation is redefining the way we look at food safety and sustainability. At SpiruVive, our contribution to that process is producing some of the purest Spirulina on the planet.



The ecological footprint that we leave on this planet lasts for generations. Knowing if a company has a positive or negative impact on the environment is important for global sustainability. Informed consumers are looking for companies that are conscious of their role on planet Earth.  We at SpiruVive, take our role as stewards of the environment very seriously.  By growing Spirulina, like all microalgae, we capture C02 while releasing Oxygen - doing our part to fight global warming.   With our unique technology, we minimize water consumption and optimize energy use while maximizing production quality and efficiency.  Going green is definitely a win-win!



At SpiruVive, we not only comply with Health Canada and US FDA standards for food safety, we go above and beyond. We use only the purest water, inoculum and nutrients for growing our Spirulina.  In our closed micro-climate system, we are able to control the air, CO2, water, and nutrients to prevent any environmental and biological contaminants such as heavy metals, mycrocystins, and toxins that often plague the blue-green algae industry.  We believe in the gold standard.  Our customers deserve nothing less.