Soheyl and Susan, co-founders of SpiruVive are humanitarians at heart. They believe that humanity is like a human body; when any cell of that body suffers, the whole human body suffers. Based on that belief, Soheyl, an engineer and inventor with 30 patents, spent thirty years in developing countries empowering communities to achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance. In RDC Congo for 13 years with his late wife Monique, they trained thousands of rural women in functional literacy and primary health care. Men were trained in building micro-hydro milling systems so that women could devote more time to the education of their children. This work continued for seven more years in Laos where Soheyl recycled army equipment into agriculture and road maintenance equipment.
Along this path they saw the need for better health and nutrition at all levels.  Their search led them to Spirulina, a tropical micro-algae better known as one of nature's most complete superfoods. With their team they developed a sustainable technology to grow fresh Spirulina here in Canada. When fresh Spirulina helped their daughter recover from fibromyalgia, they devoted their full time and resources to bringing fresh Spirulina to the world. 
Their dream to restore optimal health, so that all can contribute to the well-being of the human race, is becoming a reality.