Fresh Liquid Spirulina is Nature's #1 Remedy


Pure Nutrition

Successfully used by NASA and the WHO.

Naturally Liquid

More potent & pure than spirulina powder.

Canadian Made

Free from contamination. Nurtured in B.C, Canada

Mother DNA

Most nutrient-dense living wholefood on the planet.

Some of our Happy Customers

The Best Spirulina is Fresh Liquid

A Raw Natural Whole-food

Raw & Living

Raw living foods contain powerful antioxidants and essential amino acids. These help us age gracefully by reducing free radical damage. Liquid Spirulina retains many living enzymes and antioxidant which are often degraded in other forms of Spirulina.

100% Absorption Rate

Our bodies need food that is complete, pure and readily absorbable. Our Spirulina is 100% bioavailable where as Spirulina powder is only 60% bio-available. This means our bodies fully absorb the numerous health benefits associated with nature's most powerful remedy such as live prebiotic enzymes, rich nutrients, and powerful antioxidants.

Retains Live Enzymes

Raw living foods which are complete with vitamins, minerals and are easily absorbable are essential to health and wellbeing. Fresh Liquid Spirulina is thriving with living enzymes that our bodies can actually absorb and use intelligently.

Flavor & Origin

Our Spirulina has never been processed or dehydrated. It is the result of an innovative micro-climate system and 100% organic and Canadian ingredients that maintains its peak freshness. It's odorless and tasteless and is nurtured locally in Canada.

Spirulina Contains Nature's only source of Phycocyanin

Spirulina powder for inflammation

Phycocyanin gives Spirulina powerful anti inflammatory properties that allow it to heal and soothe inflammation. This is crucial given 80% of all human diseases are caused by inflammation.. Heal and strengthen your body with one of one of nature’s most nutrient dense foods.

  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Problems
  • Hay Fever
  • Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Muscles
  • Acne
  • Bones & Nails
  • Allergies
  • Joint Pain

Did you know Fresh Liquid Spirulina has 150% more nutritional value than powder?

Rejuvenate with Chlorophyll from Spirulina

Chlorophyll has a similar composition to the molecule in the human body that transports oxygen. Studies show that this can lead to an increase in the quantity & quality of your red blood cells. Our locally nurtured Spirulina is a rich source of vitamins and Chlorophyll which has been known to:

Chlorophyll content in Spirulina

  • Detoxify your Body
  • Boost Immunity
  • Aid Healing Process
  • Improve Digestion

Spirulina Powder in Canada

  • Less Potent
  • Contamination Risk
  • Grown Oversees

Spirulina is widely known to be one of the most nutrient dense Superfoods in the world, with the WHO and the United Nations hailing it as the food of the future. Yet many consumers in Canada do not know that Spirulina powder often poses risks of heavy metal contamination because it is grown in uncontrolled and unregulated environments oversees. This is important to consider as Spirulina in these places is often grown in open ponds and lakes and is prone to external contamination. That's why the Medical Center at the University of Maryland suggests always checking the source. Moreover, Spirulina powder goes through a drying and dehydrating process that leaves it depleted of its most powerful properties, such as Phycoyanin and Zeathine.