3 Reasons to Switch From Powdered Spirulina to Fresh Spirulina


1. The drying process leaves a less effective form of Spirulina

Let's start with phycocyanin. Spirulina contains the only source of phycocyanin in nature and give it its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties. Simply put, phycocyanin helps with aging skin, inflammation, and inhibiting harmful bacteria from growing. However, when fresh Spirulina goes through the drying process needed to create Spirulina powder, phycocyanin becomes almost completely lost. This makes powdered Spirulina less effective in its healing properties. 

2. Powdered spurilina isn't easily absorbed by the body

Powdered Spirulina may contain a lot of nutrients, however this is dependent on whether your body is able to absorb these nutrients in the first place. This term is known as bioavailability, which describes how easily our bodies absorb the nutrients we consume. Dried Spirulina only holds 15% of the remaining active enzymes which we can absorb. Again, due to the drying process powdered Spirulina goes through, the enzymes that would've been previously helpful to our bodies are lost. Something, to be conscious of here is that our bodies can actually use more energy to break down and digest powdered forms of food in comparison to foods which contain natural fibers.

3. Bad taste and smell 

This last ones small, but definitely doesn't go unnoticed. Powdered Spirulina tastes bad and smells worse. Thankfully, Fresh Spirulina does not have any of that. Some of have even described it as tastier than water!