Kate Middleton Adds Spirulina to her Morning Smoothie Everyday


"While trying to juggle being a monarch, mother, wife and general public figure, Kate apparently swears by one ingredient to keep her health in check."

It's the humble green superfood that we should all be starting our morning smoothies with and and the Duchess of Cambridge may inspire you to do just that with her Spirulina routine. Kate, who's as health conscious a celebrity as it gets, makes sure she starts the day with spirulina every day to keep her energy levels high. And, when you note the health benefits of Spirulina, it definitely shouldn't come as a surprise.

Spirulina's energy properties come from its protein content as well as the presence of Omega-6, an essential nutrient found is found in plant-based oils, that is easily absorbed by the body and helps in releasing energy, improving brain functions, and in stimulating skin and hair growth.

The green powder that all your gym mates are consuming deserves a nutritional trophy as the natural "algae" is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Since it contains 50%-70% protein by weight, studies claim that just two tablespoons are sufficient to substitute protein in a meal – all without the saturated fat and cholesterol found in animal products.

You can forget your mid-afternoon caffein fix.