Why you should Spiruvive your life!



is life

that is why...  

at Spiruvive we believe that your Spirulina must be fresh and full of life.  

We are Canada’s first and only source of fresh Spirulina. It is pure, natural with virtually no taste or smell and it blends like a breeze! We pride ourselves on the purity, quality, and cleanliness of our Spirulina. 

In fact, in collaboration with UBC (University of British Columbia in Canada) Algabloom is supplying Spiruvive to UBC researchers for various projects showing how beneficial Phycocyanin and Chlorophyll are for a variety of health conditions. 

Spirulina works through its two pigments - blue Phycocyanin content and green chlorophyll. These two components work in sync to detoxify the body, providing immense amounts of antioxidants to help heal damaged cells and build new ones.


Get it fresh, right now, organically grown, full of life and benefits for your health !