3 Reasons Why People Switch From Powdered to Fresh Spirulina

The question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between Fresh and powdered Spirulina? A lot of people who use our Fresh spirulina were former consumers of the powdered version. There are 3 simple reasons to why they decided to make the switch and why they stay with Fresh over powdered Spirulina. 

Here are the reasons why Fresh is better than powdered Spirulina.

1. The Blue Stays In Blue-Green Algae
Spirulina is the only source of phycocyanin in nature, which is an exceptional active ingredient of Spirulina. 
Phycocyanin is a pigment that provides the blue color within Spirulina.
Known as a medical molecule it has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants, and it inhibits growth of potentially harmful bacteria. In less scientific terms, this means that phycocyanin may help with aging (skin care), helps reduce inflammation, and stops bad bacteria from growing.  
Due to the drying process of powdered Spirulina the phycocyanin is almost lost. This basically makes powdered Spirulina less effective and no longer unique for its healing properties.  

2. There goes the bioavailability...
Yes, powdered Spirulina may have lots of nutrients in them according to its label. But, what is the point if it is not absorbed in your body? Powdered spirulina is not as bioavailable. Bioavailability describes how much of the nutrients we consume are easily absorbed into our body. 
Dried Spirulina only holds 15% of the remaining active enzymes which we can absorb. Due to the drying process the enzymatic activity is lost. Think of it this way, your body would spend more energy digesting powdered material over a food that has natural fibers in it. Therefore, your body is not working as hard to break down and absorb nutrients because it is not processed.
Bioavailability is important, why waste your time consuming a health food that will barely remain in your body?

3. Taste and Aroma
If you ever opened a container of powdered Spirulina you will wish you never had. The smell of fishiness overpowers any other smell surrounding it. Adding it with your food or drink will unfortunately, only make your meal smell like the powdered Spirulina. Also the taste is quite striking, trying to drink it will be an added unnecessary and dreadful part of your day. The gross taste is hard to swallow and if you are looking to feed it to your kids’ good luck! Fortunately, our Fresh Spirulina is not as strong. The smell is hardly noticeable and it is easier to consume. When added to a shake or a food it is almost hidden from your taste buds. Also, it would not stink up your entire place!
For an exotic food that is moderately pricey the horrible smell and taste should not be its reputation. 
With these three reasons Spirulina powder is a lot worse than Fresh Spirulina. Hopefully, this blog helps you make the switch from powdered to natural Fresh Spirulina. 

Jasper Sy