Everyday Applications Of Spirulina

SpiruVive's Spirulina is unique for being fresh and frozen. When using this superfood, you must keep in mind that A. It is frozen B. It can’t be heated up. So how do we face these issues? There are a few simple methods to thaw frozen Spirulina and to keep it fresh. 

1. Keep all of your spirulina portion cups in the freezer. When you need a cup, take the amount you need out of the bag (ie. 1 cup) into the freezer. Let it stay overnight, then in the morning put the cup into the food you need to use it for. 
2. To quickly defrost your spirulina you will need a bowl of cold water and a ziplock bag.Put the Spirulina cups in a ziplock bag and submerge it into the bowl of cold water. This should defrost the Spirulina within half an hour to an hour. 

What Not To Do

1. Avoid thawing it at room temperature it is uncontrolled and takes a while to melt the spirulina.
2. Melting the frozen Spirulina in the oven, microwave, or any heating device will remove the freshness.
3. Avoid thawing and freezing it again, the freshness perishes when done so. 

Wait! So I can’t bake Spirulina in the oven? Yes, you can’t put it in the oven but there are many recipes that are available to avoid the oven. Here are a few.

Spirulina is a great health food and can be applied to anything that can be consumed, safely. However, we do not want to dry our Spirulina or make it go bad. Therefore, we highly recommend following the steps we provided to defrost the Spirulina. 



Jasper Sy