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Spirulina Reviews

Origin & Contamination Risk

It is widely know that Spirulina is prone to heavy metal contamination due to environmental exposure. For this reason it is extremely important to know the source of your Spirulina. We reviewed the origin & contamination risk of 7 of the most popular Spirulina products.

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Boost energy and mental clarity with Spirulina

Mental fatigue and exhaustion is something that most of have to deal with everyday. We’ve all been there. It’s the last hour of the day and you have to dig deep to find the strength to make it to 5pm. You’ve probably tried sleeping earlier (if you’re so lucky), but those days where of 8 hour snoozes are over. What would maintain your energy levels throughout the day beyond that dose of morning cup of coffee especially during those chilly winters? Spirulina can boost energy because of its unique nutritional profile and help keep you stay rejuvenated and refuelled throughout the day.

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5 Reasons to switch from Spirulina Powder to Fresh…

Spirulina powder in Canada has become widely popular amongst working parents, fitness fanatics, and health gurus. Praised for its benefits to health and wellbeing both scientifically and anecdotally its no wonder many are still realizing its tremendous benefits. However, Spirulina in Canada is largely consumed in a powder or tablet form, and many are not aware that the drying process degrades the vitamins, minerals and proteins leaving a final product depleted of its vitality. Moreover, the fact that it is processed in open-lakes and ponds, means its open to environmental contamination making its purity, potency and taste inferior to Fresh Liquid Spirulina.

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