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Can Spirulina Boost the Immune Systems of Athletes?

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Can Spirulina Boost the Immune Systems of Athletes?

Since athletes undergo strenuous exercise they are at higher risk of weakened immune systems, resulting in an increased vulnerability to infections. Since reducing physical activity is definitely not an option, one possible solution to boost immunity is Spirulina.

Athletes are at Higher Risk of Infection

There are a number of infections that people taking part in sports are more likely to contract from their activities. High-intensity activity resulting in vulnerability to infection, being in close contact with others, using equipment and can expose you to a range of unwelcome germs. These can impair performance.

Spirulina helped Boost the Immune System of Members of the Polish National Rowing Team

Researchers investigated whether Spirulina could maintain the immune systems of top athletes from the Polish National Rowing Team. 19 members underwent a 6 week period of intense physical activity to demonstrate whether strenuous activity can negatively impact the immune system.

The results, recently published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition demonstrated the effectiveness of Spirulina. At the end of study, the results indicated that the immune systems of those taking Spirulina experienced the the effects of strenuous exercise less.  This was based on the fact that the related T-cells, which are a high white blood cell count which are indicative of whether an infection is present or not remained constant for this group after the six week period. A weakened immune system would have shown a change in the T-cell count. In contrast, the group that did not take Spirulina showed unhealthy changes in T-cell counts after the study period.

The message to athletes is that Spirulina may indeed protect athletes’ immune systems from the detrimental effects of strenuous exercise. 

Strengthening immunity is one of the many health benefits of Spirulina. And athletes who are training for events and races stand to benefit significantly from fresh Spirulina’s ability to boost immunity because of its liquid fresh state and 100% bio-availability.