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Get your Skin to Glow with Fresh Spirulina


Get your Skin to Glow with Fresh Spirulina

Last week, we talked about how good Spirulina is for hair.  In addition to my thicker hair, friends comment on my skin and how much younger I look.   Gotta love that! 

“Spirulina is an easy way to sneak more ‘beauty nutrients’ into a busy lifestyle via diet,” says Julie Morris, natural foods chef and super food expert.

The wide range of minerals found in Spirulina are important in maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails, she says.  And the protein contains the amino acids necessary for maintaining your skin’s collagen and elastin levels. 

Some of these amino acids are antioxidants that protect skin cells against UV rays and from “free radicals” made when your body breaks down certain foods or is around cigarette smoke.

As well, the healthy fats in Spirulina (particularly GLA) play a role both in keeping hair shiny and reducing inflammation in the skin. “These fats can be absorbed either by eating Spirulina, or using it topically in a face mask,” says Morris.

Sandra Woods, a medical aesthetician, and owner of Clear Complexions in South Surrey, BC shares her experience of how Spiruvive Fresh Canadian Spirulina is not only good for skin but overall health:

“I have been drinking one sachet of Spiruvive’s Spirulina first thing each morning for the past few months. My skin has been feeling more hydrated along with my complexion looking brighter and more vibrant. This raw Spirulina contains active enzymes, promotes healthy gut bacteria, cleanses out my digestive system and keeps me regular. This all contributes to my clear skin, no more acne breakouts or pink blotchy skin. As a Medical Aesthetician, I have been so pleased with the many health benefits while promoting healthy skin.  I recommend this nutrient rich supplement to all my clients.”

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