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5 Reasons to switch from Spirulina Powder to Fresh Liquid


5 Reasons to switch from Spirulina Powder to Fresh…

Spirulina powder in Canada has become widely popular amongst working parents, fitness fanatics, and health gurus. Praised for its benefits to health and wellbeing both scientifically and anecdotally its no wonder many are still realizing its tremendous benefits. However, Spirulina in Canada is largely consumed in a powder or tablet form, and many are not aware that the drying process degrades the vitamins, minerals and proteins leaving a final product depleted of its vitality. Moreover, the fact that it is processed in open-lakes and ponds, means its open to environmental contamination making its purity, potency and taste inferior to Fresh Liquid Spirulina.

And studies show it too. Read on to learn more.

1. Contamination Risk

It is widely know that Spirulina is prone to heavy metal contamination due to environmental exposure. For this reason it is extremely important to know the source of your Spirulina. Spirulina powder in Canada is mostly processed oversees in open ponds and lakes. It is produced in bulk in environments that are open to containments such as rainfall, bird droppings, and heavy metals. These Spirulina products are known to have a a fish like taste and distinct smell.

Spiruvive’s Fresh Liquid Spirulina is the result of an innovative micro-climate system and 100% organic ingredients as such it does not have any distinct taste or smell – a testament to its purity and quality! And its made in Canada with Canadian ingredients.

2. Spirulina powder undergoes a drying process that removes its essential nutrients and live enzymes

After heating the algae with high temperatures, a process known as irradiation, the crucial phycocyanin compound that gives Spirulina its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties becomes almost completely nonexistent. Even if a relatively low heat drying process is applied, some of the essential enzymes required for us to break down and utilize all of the nutrients are removed and Spirulina becomes much less nutritious. In comparison, Fresh Spirulina retains these properties because of its fresh-frozen state.

A recent study found that a “Fresh sample of Spirulina resulted in better bioactive compounds quantitatively and qualitatively compared to a dried sample…”

3. Our bodies have a hard time absorbing Spirulina Powder (Less Bioavailability)

Spirulina powder may contain a lot of nutrients, but much of it is unable to be absorbed by the body because of its powdered state. So a lot of the nutrients, minerals as well as enzymes are lost in the digestion process. In fact, our bodies use more energy to break down and digest powdered forms of food in comparison to foods which are in a fresh state and contain natural fibers. The biggest difference here is what is known as Slot Online Jackpot Terbesar, Spirulina powder is only 60% bio-available where as Fresh Liquid Spirulina is 100% bioavailable!

4. Less Nutritional Value

During the drying process 85% of nutrients naturally contained within Spirulina are lost, which is why Spirulina powder does not hold its true nutritional potential.

Fresh Liquid Spirulina holds 100% of its nutrients because of its fresh frozen state and the way in which it is processed.

See how different Fresh Liquid Spirulina is from Powdered Spirulina in a comparison table.

5. Live Enzymes are Lost

Spirulina powder holds 15% of the active enzymes that our bodies can absorb. This is largely due to the drying process. In comparison, Fresh Liquid Spirulina holds 95% of active enzymes. .

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