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Spirulina Reviews

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Spirulina Reviews

Origin & Contamination Risk

It is widely know that Spirulina is prone to heavy metal contamination due to environmental exposure and for this reasons it is extremely important to know the source of your Spirulina. As a starting point, we reviewed the origin & contamination risk of 7 of the most popular Spirulina products.

spirulina reviews

Before you buy Spirulina, keep the following in mind:

  1. High quality Spirulina is not cheap. If it is, it’s mass produced, processed, and is very likely contaminated.
  2. If you don’t know the source. Don’t buy it.
  3. Spirulina from China, Japan, & Mongolia should be avoided.
  4. Spirulina should be grown under purified, controlled mediums instead of in open waters that might be contaminated.


The origin of anything that goes into your body is extremely important, that’s why you need to know where the Spirulina you’re looking to buy is from. Spirulina is grown in huge pools of water, usually in in many freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds meaning it is at high risk of contamination during this process. It absorbs the toxins from its environment, which can range from acid rain, animal droppings, heavy metals, etc.

CompanyProductAbsorbabilityOriginEnvironmentRisk of Contamination
Canadian ProteinSpirulina Powder50-60%JapanHigh radiation levels due to the nuclear disaster High
OrganikaSpirulina Powder50-60%MongoliaUnknownHigh
Nuts.comSpirulina Powder50-60%ChinaOpen pond or poolHigh
Organic BurstSpirulina Powder50-60%TaiwanGrown OutdoorsMedium
MRMSpirulina Powder50-60%CaliforniaUnknown: Likely open pond or poolLow
NutrexSpirulina Tablet50-60%HawaiiGroundwater contamination from fuel and solvents is not uncommon near airports.Low
SpiruviveFresh Liquid Spirulina100%CanadaSecured Micro-climate facilityNone

Heavy Metal Contamination

Commercially produced Spirulina is also often laced with toxins from production including chilean nitrate, BMAA, microcystin, herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, and stabilizers.

It is important to consider that many commercially-available brands of spirulina have low levels of heavy metals that do not fall within an unsafe range, according to a study published in the Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences in 2013. Some brands are found to contain high levels of toxins such as lead, mercury and arsenic. If these levels exceed safe amounts they are highly toxic to the body.

Spirulina sourced from Japan and China is the highest concern where you risk heavy metal contamination, this is because it is grown in natural lakes due to a lack of growing control.

When commercial Spirulina was reviewed, 8 out of 18 were found to be contaminated with unsafe levels of microcystins. This makes it imperative to choose a trusted brand with high quality control standards.

Why Fresh Canadian Spirulina?

Grown in a controlled setting in Canada

Spirulina needs to be grown in a pristine and controlled setting. Spiruvive uses an innovative micro-climate system using completely organic ingredients, in Richmond, B.C, Canada. Our fresh liquid Spirulina is pure, potent, fresh and is at no risk of any contamination. It is more bio-available than any powder, meaning your body fully absorbs the benefits of Spirulina.

More Potent, Absorbable and Enzyme Rich

When Spirulina is processed into powder, many of its essential vitamins, minerals and proteins are lost. This leaves what should be a very powerful superfood depleted of its vitality. In comparison, fresh Spirulina contains live active enzymes that support immune function, digestion, and overall wellbeing. When Spirulina is fresh and liquid, your body is able to fully absorb, rich nutrients, powerful antioxidants, amino acids & active enzymes.

Retains the Miracle Molecule Phycoyanin

When Spirulina powder is heated with high temperatures, a process known as irradiation, the crucial phycocyanin compound that gives Spirulina its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties becomes almost completely nonexistent. Fresh Spirulina from Spiruvive, is never processed or dehydrated – so it retains its most potent ingredients such as Phycocyanin – the miracle anti-inflammatory molecule for brain function or Zeaxanthin – nature’s most powerful protein.

Taste and Odour

A review of Spirulina powder indicates a distinct fish like odour and bitter taste. Spiruvive’s Fresh Spirulina is virtually tasteless and odourless – a testament to its purity and quality!

5 Reasons to Switch from Spirulina Powder to Fresh


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