Why Are People Raving About Fresh Spirulina?

Nature's most potent superfood - FRESH.

Natural Remedy | Skin & Nails | Allergies | Cold & Flu | Energy

Natural Remedy

How? Bioavaiable Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll & Zeaxanthin, Active Antioxidants & B-carotene

Skin & Nails

Servings: 1 per day

How? Phycocyanin, vitamin E, selenium and tyrosine, chlorophyll


Servings: 2 per day

How? Increases levels of cytokines and interferons which result is fewer allergy symptoms.

Cold & Flu

Servings: 1 per day

How? Phycocyanin which boosts the immune system by fighting damage to cells that may otherwise cause disease in the body.


Servings: 1 per day

How? Contains Omega-6 & all essential amino acids that are required for protein assimilation.

Heal, Restore & Rejuvenate your Body

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