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Spirulina for Health & Wellbeing

Pure Living Spirulina is Nature's most powerful remedy

Spirulina contains Chlorophyll which has a similar composition to hemoglobin, the molecule in the human body that transports oxygen. Studies show that this similarity can lead to an increase in the quantity & quality of your red blood cells. This helps clean and rejuveante your body, boost immunity, aid healing process and improve digestion. Fresh liquid Spirulina also contains Omega-6, an essential nutrient that is easily absorbed by the body helping release energy and improve brain function.

Fresh Spirulina has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe inflammation. It's a natural remedy for oxidative damage and a fantastic source of antioxidants. Oxidative damage can harm your cells and can drive chronic inflammation, which contributes to chronic pain and other diseases. Fresh Spirulina contain’s nature’s only source of Phycocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent and slow damage to cells caused by unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures.

Spirulina is known to aid in weight loss as a bioavailable source of nutrients and vitamins that is low in calories. It also contains powerful amino acids that help suppress hunger cravings and help with blood sugar regulation.

Spirulina contains vitamin E, selenium and tyrosine, which are all known for their powerful anti-aging effects. The antioxidants present in tyrosine eliminate free radicals and slow down the aging of skin cells. Spirulina is also a wonderful source of chlorophyll, which has cleansing properties, and also helps your skin retain moisture, which is a major key to maintaining the appearance of smoother, hydrated skin. See how Fresh Spirulina can help with acne.

Fresh Liquid Spirulina contains chlorophyll which is known to cleanse important organs in the digestive process. Chlorophyll works to detoxify the liver by eliminating detrimental toxins. Fresh Liquid Spirulina also contains amino acids that provide live prebiotic enzymes. Prebiotics help probiotics grow and remain in your digestive system. These live enzymes help facilitate healthy digestion and also helps fight intestinal infections as it has immune cells, which fight off virus and thus promote digestion.

Spirulina has been know to strengthen and boost immunity which has helped prevent colds and infections. It contains nature's only source of Phycocyanin which boosts the immune system by fighting damage to cells that may otherwise cause disease in the body. Phycocyanin's anti-inflammatory activity helps inhibit dangerous inflammatory actions in the body and help protect against disease and naturally flush the body of toxins.

Spirulina has protective effects against allergic rhinitis in humans. Studies show that Spirulina works by boosting levels of cytokines and interferons – immune system signals that send alerts to immune ‘fighters’. The result is fewer allergy symptoms, especially for those suffering from allergic rhinitis.


Raw and living foods contain antioxidants which reduce free radical damage and help us age gracefully. Many phytonutrients also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract the damaging effects of “free radicals.” Raw Living Spirulina contains many powerful living antioxidants such as the phytonutrient of Carotenoids: lutein, and zeaxanthin present in macular pigments whose importance is health of the eye.

Live Enzymes

Living foods contain high frequency enzymes that initiate biochemical reactions in all living things, plants and animals. Fresh Liquid Spirulina is thriving with living bioactive enzymes and phytonutrients that our body can actually absorb and use intelligently. All chemical reactions within the human body are regulated by enzymes which is why it’s vitally important to consume raw living foods every day.


Fresh Liquid Spirulina contains nature's only source of Phycocyanin. It retains this miracle molecule because it has never been processed or deyhdtated. Studies have shown that phycocyanin can reduce oxidative stress and inhibit free radicals This gives Fresh Liquid Spirulina it powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are crucial to the human body given 80% of all human diseases are caused by inflammation.

Amino Acids

Not all proteins are created equal. Out of all these amino acids, the most important for your dietary consumption are the “essential” amino acids. Why? Because your body cannot synthesize these amino acids so it relies solely on getting them from foods. Fresh Spirulina, being a complete protein source, contains all these essential amino acids.


Phyto-Nutrients are the most significant finding in nutritional history. These disease-preventing compounds that naturally occur in whole unprocessed and unheated food reveal the magnificence of nature’s genius. Phyto-nutrients contain health building elements that strengthen your immune system and your overall body and mind.


Essential substances that our bodies need to develop and function normally. Fresh Liquid Spirulina contains Contains Active Antioxidants, B-carotene, Chlorophyll, Zeaxanthin and Vitamins A, E & all B group Vitamins. It is also a bioavailable source of iron & zinc

Spirulina's transformative effects are only possible when it is consumed Raw & Fresh

Raw Whole-food

Raw and living foods contain antioxidants which reduce free radical damage and help us age gracefully. Fresh Liquid Spirulina contains many powerful living antioxidants.

100% Absorption Rate

Fresh Liquid Spirulina is 100% bioavailable in comparison toSpirulina powder which is only 60% bio-available. Our bodies actually use more energy to break down and digest powdered forms of food in comparison whole-foods.

Retains Live Enzymes

Fresh Liquid Spirulina is thriving with living enzymes that our body can actually absorb and use intelligently. It’s vitally important to consume raw living foods every day.

Taste, Flavor & Origin

Spiruvive’s Fresh Liquid Spirulina is the result of an innovative micro-climate system and 100% organic ingredients. Its odorless & tasteless and it's 100% Canadian. And its made in Canada with Canadian ingredients.

Over 20 Raw Supplemants in one Serving

Natural Energy


Active Antioxidants

Immune Support


High Iron Content


Multivitamin & Multimineral

Neural Support

Live Digestive Enzymes

Detoxification and Liver Support

Rich in Chlorophyll

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