Readily Digestable Source of Iron

Liquid Fresh Spirulina - the Purest & Most Nutritious form of Spirulina

  • Highly Bio-Available source of Iron
  • Easily Absorbable because it's Fresh & Liquid
  • 25x more Beta-Carotene than carrots
  • Vitamin A, E & all B group vitamins
  • 8x more Anti-Oxidants than Blueberries

This isn't like those iron supplements you've had. It's highly asborbable because it's fresh.

Liquid Fresh Spirulina has astonishing contents of iron and folic acid, which is approximately 100 times the RDA requirement. Moreover, it is readily digestible and bio-available.

A Secret Weapon Against Anemia

It is imperative to administer iron in a form which is both absorbable and bio-available. Iron supplements can have uncomfortable side effects and are tough on the gut. Sometimes they don't even increase iron levels effectively.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue green algae. And it's one of the most nutrient-dense, plant-based sources of vitamins and minerals on the planet. While it's been available in dried form for a while, Spiruvive developed a new way of freezing it raw and fresh -- optimizing its bioavailability and offering 150% more nutritional value than when dried. It's combination of iron, B vitamins, and other antioxidents is proving to be effective in the fight against iron-based side effects.

100% Bioavailability Means More Iron.

Your body could be enjoying vitamins and minerals that are hard to absorb from other sources and are abundant and bio-available in fresh liquid Spirulina, with less than 1 gram of total carbohydrates per serving.

What are people saying?

Backed by Science

Studies show it too. It's combination of iron, B vitamins, and other antioxidents is proving to be extremely effective in the fight against anemia-based side effects.

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Fresh liquid Spirulina is complete with 27-nutrients & minerals. Liquid Spirulina has the nutritional profile to help with:

  • Highly Bioavailable source of Iron
  • Nutrient & Mineral Supplemant
  • Contributes to better Health & Wellbeing
  • Muscle Inflammation & Fatigue


Fresh Liquid

Origin Imported 100% Canadian made
Nutritional Value Drying process destroys 85% of nutrients 100% of Nutrients are retained
Enzymatic Activity Retains 15% of enzymes (much is lost during drying process) Retains 95% of bioactive enzymes
Bio-Availablility60% Bio-Available 100% Bio- Available
Process When irradiated all enzymatic activities are destroyed Never irradiated. All live enzymes activities are preserved.
Taste & Ease of Use Strong fish like smell & bitter taste. Powder often clumps together. Odorless & Tastless. Liquid state allows for easy usage.
Exposure Produced in open lakes and ponds with exposure toxins Nurtured in closed micro-climate system

*Comparisons based on a single serving of Powdered Spirulina (3 grams) and 1 satchet of Spiruvive's Fresh Liquid Spirulina.

View "Comparative Study of Bioactive Substances Extracted from Fresh and Dried Spirulina.