Should I buy Fresh or Dried Spirulina?

Drying is about cooking the product with high or low temperatures. Unfortunately the drying process degrades the vitamins, minerals and proteins from Spirulina, leaving the final product depleted of its vitality.

The important phycocyanin compound that gives Spirulina its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties becomes almost completely nonexistent after drying the alive substance.

Another important aspect to consider is that dried spirulina has a very distinctive and unpleasant taste that put many people off from including it into their diet.

Fresh Spirulina is 100% bioavailable, tasteless, easy to add to any liquid (water, smoothies, juices, soups) and, most of all, it has all the active anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory to boost your health. Don’t loose time with something not worth your health, get it fresh!

Our product is grown and packaged in BC, Canada.

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Need more data ? Lots of scientific studies on Google and PubMed! Here an example:

Comparative Study of Bioactive Substances Extracted from Fresh and Dried Spirulina sp.

Tri WinarniAgustiniaMeinySuzerybDannySutrisnantocWidodo FaridMa’rufaHadiyantoc


…The increase consumption of natural substances has brought about in increasing demand on biological source, including Spirulina sp. This Spirulina sp. has been recognized to provide some natural substances such as natural colorant, source of vitamins, protein and some minerals. Different material state of Spirulina sp. in the form of fresh and dried form may cause different quantity and quality of natural substances in microalgae which posses a wide range of change including nutritional and natural substances. The aims of the study was to investigate the bioactive compounds resulted from different form of Spirulian sp (fresh and dried) quantitatively. The materials used were fresh and dried Spirulina sp which was extracted by ethanol. Analysis were subjected for phytochemical screening, flavoniod, phenolic acid and antioxidant activity (DPPH scavenging activity). The results showed that total flavonoid of fresh and dried are: (fresh) 25.6615± (powder) 1.62 and (fresh) 110.1356± (powder) 12.5 quercetin/gr extract; phenolic acid: (fresh) 2.117± (powder) 0.99 and (fresh) 6.92± (powder) 0.03 GAE/gr extract; IC50: 33.0755, respectively. Fresh sample of Spirulina platensis shows better results in bioactive compounds quantitatively and qualitatively compared to that of dried sample…