Pure, vital and the richest nutrient food on earth

Pure, vital and the richest nutrient food on earth

Iron and folic acid deficiency

Spirulina has astonishing contents of iron and folic acid, which is approximately 100 times the RDA requirement! Moreover, it is readily digestible and bio-available.

It is imperative to administer iron in a form which is both absorbable and bio-available as this would not only correct the anemia but also pre-empt the negative outcomes associated with anemia such as low birth weight, premature birth, fatigue and etc

Spiruvive is organic, pure and alive.

This is NOT powder Spirulina, which looses 80-90% of its nutrients.

Boost your Iron today, delivered at your door !

Need more data ?

Spirulina is a blue-green algae rich in protein 62% and contains a high proportion of essential amino acids (38% of the protein) and a source of naturally rich in vitamins especially Iron and the vitamin B complex such as vitamin B12 (175 μg / 10 g) and folic acid (9.92 mg / 100 g), which helps the growth and nutrition of the child brain, it protects against osteoporosis and blood diseases as well as a high percentage of natural fibers. So, the Spirulina is useful and necessary for the growth of infants and very suitable for children, especially in the growth phase