3 Months Supply of Raw Living Spirulina: Superfood & Antioxidant

3 Months Supply of Raw Living Spirulina: Superfood & Antioxidant

  • 90-day DNA repair kit (1 sachet/day for 3 months)

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Certified

  • 100% Fresh & Organic

  • Great source of the anti-inflammatory Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

  • Gluten, Wheat, and Dairy Free

  • High content of live enzymes 

  • Antioxidant and full of bioactive molecules: Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll, and Zeaxanthin

  • Live

  • NEVER dried, powdered or irradiated

  • Free from bird droppings, toxins, heavy metals

  • Pure and fresh taste

  • Canadian Made (cultivated, handled and packaged in Canada)

  • Zero Preservatives

  • Reduce body acidity and alkalize your cells

  • Highly absorbable source of iron that is gentle on the digestive system

Who are we?

We are an 100% Canadian producer based in Richmond BC. Learn More!

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Rejuvenation and Detoxification Kit

The health benefits of Spirulina are found to be most significant and lasting when consumed for a longer period. This 90 day kit will allow you to experience the full benefits of this Superfood.


Each purchase contains 90 spirulina packets which amounts to a 90 day supply. Since our Spirulina is fresh frozen, the product should be kept frozen. It lasts an entire year when kept in a freezer (-18C). 

Consume 1 small packet daily, either as a booster in a smoothie or mixed with juice or water. 

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

We now ship Fresh Canadian Spirulina to all parts of Canada! 

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