Our Roots & Mission

Soheyl and Susan, co-founders of Spiruvive, have spent decades in rural parts of the globe assisting communities in healthy and sustainable living. This journey eventually led them to Spirulina. With their team they developed a sustainable technology to grow fresh Spirulina right here in Vancouver, Canada. After seeing the health effects of Spirulina on their own family, they became passionate about bringing it to the lives of others. They believe that humanity is like a human body; when any cell of that body suffers, the whole human body suffers. Along this path they saw the need for better health and nutrition at
all levels.

Ecological Footprint

The ecological footprint that we leave on this planet lasts for generations. Knowing if a company has a positive or negative impact on the environment is important for global sustainability. Informed consumers are looking for companies that are conscious of their role on planet Earth.  We at Spiruvive, take our role as stewards of the environment very seriously.  By growing Spirulina, like all microalgae, we capture C02 while releasing Oxygen – doing our part to fight global warming.   With our unique technology, we minimize water consumption and optimize energy use while maximizing production quality and efficiency.  Going green is definitely a win-win!

Quality & Standards

At Spiruvive, we use only the purest water, inoculum and nutrients for growing our Spirulina.  In our closed micro-climate system, we are able to control the air, CO2, water, and nutrients to prevent any environmental and biological contaminants such as heavy metals, mycrocystins, and toxins that often plague the blue-green algae industry.  Our innovative, proprietary technology is a closed system that maintains the purity of our Spirulina culture eliminating the risk of external environmental contamination. We believe in the gold standard.  Our customers deserve nothing less.

Whether fresh or dry, it’s important to know the source of the Spirulina. As the University of Maryland Medical Centre warned “Spirulina — like any blue-green algae — can be contaminated with toxic substances called microcystins. It can also absorb heavy metals from the water where it is grown. For these reasons, it is important to buy Spirulina from a trusted brand.