Spirulina Powder is not Fresh Spirulina

Just like powdered orange juice is not fresh orange juice.
  • Less Pure

  • When Spirulina is processed into powder, many of its essential vitamins, minerals and proteins are lost. This leaves what should be a very powerful superfood depleted of its vitality.
  • Contamination Risk

  • Spirulina Powder has been known to be at risk of contamination due to the environment in which it is grown. In a recent study, 8 out of 18 Spirulina products were found to be contaminated.

100% Naturally Liquid. Fresh is best.

We deliver Spirulina in liquid form; 100% raw and pure. And we stand behind it.

Food in nature comes whole, not concentrated. Our fresh liquid Spirulina is more bio-available than any powder, meaning your body fully absorbs the benefits of Spirulina. It's nurtured in an innovative micro-climate system using completely organic ingredients, in Richmond, B.C, Canada. It's virtually tasteless and odorless, a testimony to its purity - we promise!

Liquid in Action

Why is Fresh Liquid Spirulina the best?

Science Says So

A recent study found that a"Fresh sample of Spirulina shows better results in bioactive compounds quantitatively and qualitatively compared to that of dried sample. Raw and living foods contain antioxidants which reduce free radical damage and help us age gracefully. Many phytonutrients also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract the damaging effects of “free radicals.”

100% Absorption Rate

Our bodies use more energy to break down and digest powdered forms of food in comparison to foods which are in a fresh state and contain natural fibers. So a lot of the nutrients, minerals as well as enzymes are lost in the digestion process. The biggest difference here is what is known as bioavailability, Spirulina powder is only 60% bio-available where as Fresh Liquid Spirulina is 100% bioavailable!

Retains Live Enzymes

Fresh Liquid Spirulina is thriving with living bioactive enzymes and phytonutrients that our body can actually absorb and use intelligently. All chemical reactions within the human body are regulated by enzymes which is why it’s vitally important to consume raw living foods every day. Spirulina powder holds 15% of the active enzymes that our bodies can absorb. In comparison, Fresh Liquid Spirulina holds 95% of active enzymes. .

Taste, Flavor & Origin

Spirulina Powder is known for its fish like smell & bitter taste because it's grown in open ponds and lakes abroad (Mongolia & China). Spiruvive’s Fresh Liquid Spirulina is the result of an innovative micro-climate system and 100% organic ingredients as such it does not have any distinct taste or smell – a testament to its purity and quality! And its made in Canada with Canadian ingredients. Its odorless & tasteless and it's 100% Canadian.

Before you Buy Spirulina remember:

  • Check the Source

    Spirulina should be grown in controlled environments instead of in open waters that might be contaminated. Spirulina from China, Japan, & Mongolia should be avoided. If you're not sure of the source, please don’t buy it. Learn more about the origins of popular Spirulina Powders & Tablets here.

  • Quality Spirulina is not Cheap

    If it is, it’s mass produced, processed, and is very likely contaminated. In a recent study, 8 out of 18 Spirulina products were found to be contaminated.

  • Fresh Liquid Spirulina is more Potent, Pure and Absorbable

    Since our Fresh Liquid has never processed or dehydrated – it retains its most potent ingredients such as Phycocyanin and Zeaxanthin. Studies show, Spirulina Powders and Tablets hold 15% of the active enzymes and lose 85% of nutrients that our bodies can absorb.

Powder vs Fresh Liquid


Fresh Liquid

Origin Imported 100% Canadian made
Nutritional Value Drying process destroys 85% of nutrients 100% of Nutrients are retained
Enzymatic Activity Retains 15% of enzymes (much is lost during drying process) Retains 95% of bioactive enzymes
Bio-Availablility 60% Bio-Available 100% Bio- Available
Process When irradiated all enzymatic activities are destroyed Never irradiated. All live enzymes activities are preserved.
Taste & Ease of Use Strong fish like smell & bitter taste. Powder often clumps together. Odorless & Tastless. Liquid state allows for easy usage.
Exposure Produced in open lakes and ponds with exposure toxins Nurtured in closed micro-climate system

*Comparisons based on a single serving of Powdered Spirulina (3 grams) and 1 satchet of Spiruvive's Fresh Liquid Spirulina.

View "Comparative Study of Bioactive Substances Extracted from Fresh and Dried Spirulina.

The most Nutritious Superfood ever. Now available Fresh.

Phycocyanin + Chlorophyll in

Liquid Fresh Spirulina

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