Fresh Liquid Spirulina

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$149.95 – or $119.95 every 2 months

    • More Potent, Nutritious and Absorbable than Spirulina Powder
    • Contains Live Probiotic Enzymes & Amino Acids
    • Contains Active Antioxidants & B-carotene
    • Natural source of Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll & Zeaxanthin
    • Contains Vitamins A, E & all B group Vitamins
    • Source of Bioavailable Iron & Zinc
    • 100% Naturally Liquid, Fresh & Raw
    • 100% Bio-available
    • Grown in B.C, Canada (Free from Contamination)



Price Per Serving
In Stores $2.40 Per Serving
Subscription - Online $1.99 Per Serving
  • Join our subscription program and receive a delivery every 2 months. Cancel or skip a delivery at anytime with no penalty.
  • All deliveries are wrapped in a thermal insulated package and an ice pack to ensure freshness throughout shipment.

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Every purchase comes with 60 servings of nutritionally dense Fresh Liquid Spirulina. Every serving is packed with amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by your body. In order to maximize fresh spirulina’s nutritional benefits, we recommend using it as a daily supplement to your diet.

We truly stand by our Spirulina. So we offer a 14 day unconditional money back guarantee. In exchange, you support Spiruvive’s farm and process directly. No middleman or giant retailer in this.

Recommended consumption dosage of 1-2 servings/day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does subscription work?

    Fresh Spirulina has many benefits which are seen when you take it daily so we deliver fresh Spirulina right to your door every 3 months so you never go without it. Once you subscribe, you save 25% off every order and can skip a delivery or cancel anytime with no penalty. Learn more about our subscription program.

  • Why is this superior to powder?

    Spirulina Powder, Tablets & Pills are a very different product from Fresh Liquid Spirulina. It’s similar to how concentrated orange juice is a different product from fresh orange juice. Food in nature comes whole, not concentrated. Our naturally-liquid Spirulina is raw, pure, complete and unadulterated as intended by nature. There are no risks of any contamination as it’s grown in a quality controlled environment in Canada (always check the source of your Spirulina). We do not process or dehydrate our Spirulina. We do not separate from our Spirulina its most potent ingredients such as Phycocyanin – the miracle anti-inflammatory molecule for brain function or Zeaxanthin – nature’s most powerful protein.

  • How long will it last?

    Since our Spirulina is fresh frozen, it can last an entire year when kept in a freezer (-18C). When refrigerated, (-5C) its shelf life is up to 14 days.

  • Does it have the same bad taste and smell as spirulina powder?

    Our spirulina is virtually tasteless with no odor – a testament to its purity & quality.

  • Can children eat fresh Spirulina?


  • Where do you ship?

    We ship all over Canada. At this time, we do not ship to the US – sorry!

  • Where is Fresh Liquid Spirulina grown?

    Our Fresh Liquid Spirulina is nurtured in an innovative micro-climate system using completely organic ingredients, in Richmond, B.C, Canada.

  • More Questions? Visit our FAQ page or Contact us.

Background: Spirulina

Spirulina is widely known to be one of the most nutrient dense Superfoods in the world, with the United Nations hailing it as the food of the future. Unfortunately, many consumers do not know that Spirulina loses many of its vitamins and minerals when it goes through the drying process. Equally as significant is the loss of the crucial phycocyanin compound that gives Spirulina its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.



Additional information

Weight 840 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm

16 reviews for Fresh Liquid Spirulina

  1. Jo S.

    What a difference this fresh pure spirulina has made in my life. I have so much more energy and clarity of mind. Less aches and pains too! I just take it with water and a little citrus, it is so refreshing. Highly recommend this product!

  2. Elizabeth M

    I can’t express how much this product has saved me! I wish I had taken before pictures of my fingernails to show how much this really works. For years my two index finger nails were damaged and would not grow and were very unsightly. I had been on anti virals, antibiotics and anti fungal creams. Nothing worked and none of them had answers. My boyfriend knew first hand how sad this made me as it was noticeable and people would comment. My nails are looking the healthiest they have in over 5 years and I know this green gold is to thank! Almost impossible to tell they were ever damaged and for the first time I can see the moons in those fingernails!! I would drink one sachet before bed and one midday as a boost. I’m beyond thankful for this product and for you folks for creating something so life changing.

  3. Victoria Chan

    I heard about the benefits of taking spirulina for quite a while from my friends in Hong Kong but I never had a chance to look into the information about it. Not to mention to try it in fresh form instead of capsules or dry form.

    A month ago I saw a promotion from AlgaFresh and I immediately placed in my order. Instead of waiting for delivery, I quickly went pick it up from their office. I do workout everyday and I add the spirulina to my nutrition shake. Don’t ask me how it tastes as I can’t taste it any different when without it. The colour of my shake surely turned Green. After a month of consumption, I like it. I find it works hand in hand with my nutrition shake that gives me better energy and I feel healthier.

  4. VM

    Their Spirulina smoothie booster is pretty awesome: fresh, pure, and blends with everything;)

  5. D. R.

    Bought this product from natures fair market in Langley and I have been taking 2 sachets everyday in the morning in a smoothie, and I have been feeling a lot more awake in class and I have a lot more energy during basketball games.

  6. LaLa Kala

    Flavorless and so healthy. Fantastic company! I have less aches and joint pain, I support a local farm and have more energy

  7. Ricardo M.

    I like this product, fresh, organic and the delivery was impeccable. I got in the habit of just opening one of their bags (still frozen) and eat like that!

  8. Leah


  9. Laurel L

    I have taken spirulina in capsule form years ago and it was very beneficial, but the results from this pure, fresh form were outstanding! I have had a significant improvement in energy, mental clarity and overall wellbeing. Delivery is very efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend this product!

  10. Craig Fourie

    Absolutely amazing and so pure. If only everyone knew all the incredible benefits about spirulina and the health benefits. We are feeling like ten million bucks. We incorporate this spirulina into drinks and tastes great!

  11. Angela Jones

    I am a great fan, can not imagine my life without taking it for a single day. Gives me energy to keep going for the whole day. I am writhing this review today to tell the miracle it did for one of my friend’s son Max. He bought this frozen fresh Spirulina from Lee’s market in Fort Langley. Max had a severe allergy for cats & coming near his cat was really hard. He took 5 sachets every day mixed with orange juice for a week & guess what- after a week he was able to sleep with his cat without any blocked sinuses or any other symptom of his allergy!!!

  12. Josh Cielen

    Great product tastes amazing and works well.

  13. Ross L

    I’ve been using it for some time now (2 months) and its definitely helped me with cut back on unhealthy foods (also feel myself trimming down) and calorie intake. I’ve started to go off coffee and find myself needing less carbs. When I start the day with it I don’t feel hunger till way later in the day. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to cut back and trim.

  14. Watson Joel

    I went to Stong’s market in Vancouver & found this product. I mix one sachet to my morning Smoothie & one to my evening soup, makes my everyday very special. Feel great.

  15. Leonardo

    I bought a detox pack online and have been mixing one packet with orange juice in the mornings. I’ve been feeling so much better and more energized ever since!

  16. Jay Shah (Google Review)

    Great products for health and wellness

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