Spirulina for Weight Loss – 45 Day Supply

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  • 100% Naturally Liquid, Fresh and Live. Frozen at peak nutrition.
  • High nutrient concentration reduces hunger and cravings
  • Contains Amino Acids that suppress appetite
  • Low calories and high protein
  • Contains active antioxidants, b-carotene, live prebiotic and bio-enzymes
  • Highly bioavailable source of iron
  • High content of Zeaxanthin which has been known to improve eye sight
  • Natural source of Phycocyanin which has been known to to help with inflammation
  • High content of Chlorophyll for repairing of blood cells
  • Gluten free, dairy free, vegan & vegetarian certified
  • Free from toxins and heavy metals
  • Free shipping in B.C. and Ontario (Value of $35)
  • Made in Canada
  • Recommended dosage: 2 servings/day

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Spirulina and Weight Loss

Spirulina has been known to aid in weight loss because of its unique properties. It has low calories, high protein, and is nutrient rich. It also contains powerful amino acids that help suppress hunger cravings. This is what gives Spirulina the potential aid in weight loss. In addition, its high nutritional value allows for increased nutrient concentration in your body which reduces hunger and cravings in the process. We all know there is no simple way to lose weight. However, when Spirulina is complimented by a healthy diet and lifestyle it has the potential to aid in weight loss. For example, the body needs a certain amount of daily nutrient requirements, which when fulfilled by typical foods comes with drawbacks. But Spirulina’s rich amounts of vitamins and essential pigments fulfill that requirement with no tradeoff, such as bad taste.

A protein rich diet is crucial for weight management, but typical protein tissue does not dissolve easily. In contrast, the simple cells in Fresh Spirulina easily dissolve in water. Moreover, Spirulina’s high protein content can satisfy hunger even better than carbs or fat. In short, Spirulina can help you lose weight (Click here to view a recent study on Spirulina and Weight Lose), especially Fresh Spirulina from Canada. Our Canadian made 100% Fresh Spirulina has more potency that Spirulina Powder or tablets, simply because it is is 100% Live and Bioavailable


This is a 45 day supply, Spirulina weight loss kit, it has a total of 6 packages, each containing 210g of nutritionally dense Spirulina neatly packed into 15 convenient sachets. It is meant to be consumed over a 45 day period with a recommended dosage of 2 servings/day.

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We offer a 14 day money back if you’re not satisfied for any reason. You get all this for $199.99 and free shipping (for B.C. and Ontario). And you support Spiruvive’s farm and process directly. No middleman or giant retailer in this.


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